Checklist and Agenda
Project Preparation Task Check List  - to keep us on the same page (literally)

Done Description Who Graphic
Decide on a date for the party, Friday or Saturday?
See if there is a conflict with MUM dance or any other event
Friday October 31st is a go!
Deborah, Kelley, Rick

Create a web page Rick  
Prepare email about party, Sunday Rick  
Add party to Craig  
Invite people Deborah, Kelley, Havatzelet, Nicole  
Put up posters
HalloweenPoster.doc  (ready to print)
Student Union, Golden Dome M, Golden Dome L, G.D. Market, Everybody's, Dorm M, Dorm L, Annapurna
Deborah, Kelley, Havatzelet, Nicole  
Decide on organic party food and drink
Buying items
Deborah, Kelley  
Set up stereo and test speakers Jon  
Prepare party music Rick, Joseph  
Put Halloween ornaments and lights, from attic on to front lawn Kelley
Warn neighbors of possible noise Rick  
In house decorations - bats, pumpkins, webs, etc.
They are in a box in the furnace / storage room
Fog making machine ready Rick  
Setup food and drink table    
Get in to costumes All  
Have fun! All