Fairfield Iowa House Events
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1 Shaddock Street

Musical of House Events
Delta Nu Zeta
First sorority house of the Age of Enlightenment
2006 - 2016

2020-10-31 Halloween Party - wearing a mask and social distancing
2020-09-30 Kalash on top
2015-09-27 Moon  Eclipse Party
20150804 Viktoria visits from Mother Divine in Holland
2015-04-25 Rizo's birthday dinner
and Sustainable Agriculture presentation
2014-05-24 Graduation Party
Jim Carrey speaks in the Golden Dome
2013-06-24 SoFair Farms vegetables dinner
Movie:  Dirty Dancing
2013-06-13 Las Vegas with Emily
2013-05-25 Raw Food Party
Facebook event
2012-11-04 Green Party
Supporting Dr. Jill Stein MD
for President of the United States
2012-07-04 Fourth of July Raw Foods Party

TM-Sidhis Course fund raiser for Keli and Emily

2012-07-01 Vimala Birthday
2012-06-15 Asli finds a baby bird
Republican Convention
2012-06-03 Solange going away party
Solange and Sudiksha
2012-05-27 Raw food dinner and
TM-Sidhis fun-raiser for
Emily Shaw and Keli Moonbeam
  2012-04-13 Celebrate Spring and Lucky Friday the 13th. Celebrating support of the higher Self and freedom from superstition. Enjoy raw, organic food and friends. Going away party for PhD student Solange. Semi-pot-luck means there will be foundation free food and drinks. Yet feel free to bring a raw food dish (optional) and please post it below, to avoid duplicate dishes. 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Oprah & TM Show on cable 2012-04-08 Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is re-broadcasting her cable TV show featuring Fairfield Iowa and TM on the big screen at the Delta Nu Zeta house. 7:00 Eastern / 6:00 Central time. Refreshments. For articles and videos of her show: www.OprahTM.com
2012-03-09 Dinner at Delta Nu Zeta by Hippocrates Catering International Women's Day
2012-02-07 Solange's Birthday
2011-12-25 Christmas
2011-02-03 Christina birthday and going to Italy
Jumer's Casino and Hotel
2010-12-20 Christmas 2010
2010-11-01 Thanksgiving Potluck
2010-10-31 Halloween 2010
2010-08-08 House dinner party
2010-07-04 Sara's Birthday Party
2010-04-10 Event to help free Myanmar Prime Minister
Aung San Suu Kyi
2009-07-00 Andrea's Birthday Party

Halloween 2008


2008-09-20 Swami BeyondAnanda Comedy Show
2008-01-01 New Year's 2008
2007-12 Carissa's Birthday Party
2007-12-25 Merry Christmas
2007-12-16 Leora's birthday party and singing
2007-12-13 Santa Lucia - Swedish Saint Lucy's Day
2007-12-05 Sinterklaas - Dutch celebration for Santa Claus
2007-11 Visit to American Gothic House Museum at Eldon, Iowa
2007-11 Thanksgiving
2007-10 Halloween Costume party
2007-09 Nazek's Birthday from Lebanon
2007-09-11 September 11th Memorial Day
The truth of what happened to the World Trade Center
2007-07-29 Guru Purnimah
Inaugurating the Tower of Invincibility
2007-04 Ingrid Saterstrom's Birthday - one of Maharishi's 108s
2007-03 Waffle Day - Swedish "Our Lady's Day" - attended by 1966 Miss Sweden & Universe

2007-03 Anniversary of Captain James Kirk's future birthday on March 22, 2228
2007-03 St. Patrick's Day
2007-02 Valentine's Day
2006-12 Christmas tree
2006-12-13 Santa Lucia - Swedish Saint Lucy's Day
Margareta, Helene as St. Lucia, Linda and Jenny
2006-11 Thanksgiving with Invincible America Course Participants
2006-10 Halloween Party


Oksana comes from DC to visit her new house
2006-09 Bobbi Jo and Nicole help Rick to move stuff to the house
Welcome gifts from the neighbors Cookies from Bert and Marsha Bell

Pie from Alan Balmer Family

2006-08-16 Moving in to the house from University Manor
2006-08-15 Purchasing the house

Iowa House


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