Benefits of Trailer vs House

806 North 4th Street
Fairfield, Iowa  52556

Here are 14 advantages of our house over a trailer in Utopia Park

* House has more spacious common areas and yard
for study and enjoyment. Plus storage areas

* House is a better place for you to hold parties and events
with more men and women guests who can walk there

* House is much closer to your classes
including short path through fence to Verrill Hall

* House is much closer to Student Center and dining hall.

* Shorter, quicker walks, especially during cold snowy weather
and too hot walks in summer

* Guest rooms available for your family attending graduation
   when hotels in town are full

* Trailer rent generally does not include utilities
Heat can get very expensive in the winter

* House is more energy efficient, with heat rising to 2nd floor
and well established heating and cooling system

* Utilities are included so your costs are fixed and predictable
With trailer, you don't know what the heat and electricity will be.*
Trailers are very hot in summer and cold in the winter.

* 3 free parking spaces in the back, plus 1 in the front
for yourself and guests

* East facing house with slope towards sun in morning

* Large kitchen and with extra refrigerators.

* Develop your cooking and Home Economics skills

* Management experience and earning opportunity as
House Manager or Social Media Manager, $10/hour

* Car available for errands such as trips to Wal-mart

* You go to college to one day own a house, not a trailer.
House gives better experience on how a house is maintained

* Students should not have to deep clean bath rooms
At our house, you have a weekly maid.

* At our house, snow is shoveled for you.

Trailers are 4 times the distance to Argiro Hall
and 20 times the distance to Verrill Hall

Long walk from the trailers - cold in winter, hot in summer

Fairfield Iowa House Rent

More points

* At a trailer, you may have to get a utility account in your name
with a security deposit with Alliant Energy and Fairfield Water
So, instead of paying $310 and 250
you may both be paying $250 +250 +500 = $1000

* House already has internet.
  With trailer you might have to get your own Lisco account

* During graduation, the few hotels in Fairfield fill up fast,
charging $100+/night, such as Best Western, usually $81.
Parents and family can stay at the house for just $20/night

* Some tenants have left and returned to Fairfield, such as Thuzar Win (from Myanmar and Illinois) 6 times and Leora Rosenberg (Israel and NY) 5 times.

They put their belongings for free in the attic or basement, go away for months or years, then return to an open room. They always have a stable home in Fairfield, and can come any time for rounding or additional courses.

With a trailer, there is no long term storage space, for leaving and returning. The house offers long term the SCI points of Stability and Adaptability, to come and go from Fairfield to further their evolution to Cosmic Consciousness

After 4 months it will be May, classes end
and it's time to go home for Summer Vacation.

If you want to resume your stay in a trailer in
September, you will have to put your things in
storage somewhere, and hope another trailer opens
up, tour it, and go through the renting process again.

Or, to keep the same trailer you pay for a few months
plus the basic gas and electricity charges for Summer,
even though you are not living in the empty trailer.
This could be over 3 x $500 = $1500 wasted

With the house, you simply put your things in
the attic and are not charged any money for the Summer.
We rent to people coming on Summer rounding courses.
Then you come back in September and resume renting
your room. Thus, you have not wasted any money, $0.