Requirements and Residence Course

Certificate in Vedic Domestic Science and Home Management
from the Fairfield Iowa School of Home Economics (

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Cooking Basic Cooking
Cook a main meal
  How to use a gas stove
Accounting Making a budget and paying bills
  Dish washer sterilization Thumbnail
Energy Conservation  
  Drain Avoiding clogged drains
Clothes Washer

Cleaning the filter

Food Science & Nutrition  
Refrigeration How to tell good from rotten food  
  How to use a Cuisinart Food Processor
  How to bake a pie
Shopping How to tell organic food from GMO  
  Using coupons  
Beauty How to use a Hair dryer  
  Proper brushing technique
Home Entertainment How to use BlueRay, NetFlix, Satellite Dish, DVD player, Radio and other entertainment equipment  
Hygene How to use remote control on bidet  
Cleaning How to use a Dyson vacuum cleaner
  Ordinary vacuum cleaner  
    Wash sheets and pillow cases
then square away the bed
Kitchen Organization Where to put various items, silverware, dishes, pots, pans  
Ironing How to use the iron and ironing board  
Hospitality Cook and serve a meal for at least 2 guests
  Setting the table, fork, knife, spoon placement  
Basic plumbing Removing hair from drain  
  Fixing leaking water  
  Know how to find a plumber, fire department, police and other important help  
Gardening Grow an edible vegetable
Cook it and eat it
Lawn Care Mow the lawn
How to start the lawn mower
or persuade a guy to do it.
Physical Fitness Exercises and stretches you can do at home to keep in shape
Security How to program a digital lock
Safety How to start a fire in the fire place
How to open and close the chimney flue
Pure water Changing the filter on a Reverse Osmosis System
Thermostat How to program the thermostat
Air Conditioning Changing the air conditioner filter
Circuit Breaker How to switch electricity back on if it overloads a circuit
Air Conditioning Ceiling fan adjustment
Furnace How to see if it is working ok
Water boiler How to make the water hotter or colder
Sump pump How to check if it is working

Skills that help get your Bachelors
MRS, and advanced degree in Childhood Development