Notice to Vacate and Moving Out Instructions

Thank you for bringing your coherence and happiness to the
house from the Golden Dome and/or your classes at M.I.U..
We will all miss you and wish you a steady increase
in your Desire Fulfillment Percentage (DFP) through TM.

Sadly, our house is not in Compliance to qualify for renting
in Fairfield.  So you will have to leave by January 31, 2020.
Regretfully, this is our official Notice to Vacate.

As for the room, basically the rule is we "leave it as
we found it" in a fairly neat condition. This email
gives you about a week to make any needed repairs or
replacements yourself. As a reminder, at the end of
this email is a list of items that were here when you
moved in, which stay.

We ask that you please do the following before leaving:
1. Vacuum or sweep the floor or rug in your room.
2. Wash and dry sheets and pillow cases that were there.
3. Remove the food items from your kitchen shelf and clean it.
4. If you wish to donate unused food, leave it on the center table
5. Remember your tooth brush and other items from the bath.
6. If you took pillows or blankets to the Dome, please bring them back.
7. Inform the Post Office of your move
Make sure they do not forward "the entire family"
or everyone's mail will get forwarded. (It happened.)
Leave a forwarding address for mail that still arrives anyway.

Any items such as DNZ T Shirts are yours to keep,
as a memory and souvenir of your time at the house.

If there are any particular pots, pans, or utensils that you
brought and plan to take, please notify at least one of the
other tenants, so there are no surprises, and we know what
to replace if needed.

If you have any items to leave for storage, such as in the
attic, please write your name on them, so everyone knows
they are yours. Otherwise they become property of
Delta Nu Zeta after 30 days, and may be used by the sisters.

Your Security Deposit (if applicable) will be returned after
a brief inspection when you are ready to move out and turn
in your keys to the House Manager or Owner, who will then
give your check.

Check out time is 6:00 pm just before the 1st of the month.
For example check out is January 31 at 6:00pm to enable a
tenant to move in, and enjoy sleep by midnight February 1.

Your Security Deposit of $ 100.00 was waived.
We are confident you will leave things in good condition.

Remember you always have a home at Delta Nu Zeta. "Once a
sorority sister, always a sister." If you are back in
Fairfield, we hope you will stop by, and attend the activities.

Best wishes for regular practice of the TM and TM-Sidhis
Program especially out in the world where there are so
many distractions.

We hope to see you back for visits or rounding courses, so
that Nature will spontaneously support your every desire.

Jai Gur Dev and best wishes for all success.

Oksana Shaddock
House Manager

Rick Shaddock
House Owner
202-829-4444 mobile

Reminder of items that were probably (not necessarily) in your room when you
moved in:
1 bed - memory foam mattress
1 bed frame
1 dresser
1 phone
1 sheet
2 pillows
2 pillow cases
1 lamp
1 blanket
1 table
1 chair
and anything you did not bring or buy