House Rules

The rules are to promote health, happiness, and higher states of consciousness in house.

The following rules were formed by at the House Meeting on January 17, 2007
by unanimous vote of the current tenants, landlord, and last revised on July 7, 2012. 

Kindness and Respect for Others

Each person should feel welcome and at home, with kindness and mutual respect.
No yelling at each other, and especially no naughty words or unwanted contact.

Regularity in the TM Program

This is spontaneous with the regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation
technique, and the TM-Sidhis Program, preferably in groups - in the Golden Dome
or in the Living Room.   Tenants are entitled to the same safety and peace off campus
as they are while living on campus, thanks to the M.U.M. Security Department.

TM Sidhas and Meditators are encouraged to attend Group Program in the Golden Domes.

Quiet Times

Please respect the preference for quiet upstairs between 10:00 pm - 8:00 am so people can sleep soundly
and have the best experiences during the Transcendental Meditation program without falling asleep.

Please be mindful of discussions, watching television, vacuum cleaning, doing laundry or having a shower after 10:00 pm.

Please speak quietly in the common areas at these hours. 
Tenants may be practicing TM in their rooms 7:30 -8:30 am and 5:00-6:00 pm.

If you need to talk on the phone after hours, please go downstairs.
A wireless phone is available in the kitchen, that can be taken outside after 10:00 pm.

Kitchen cleanliness

There is a shelf for each one in the fridge, freezer and on the white shelf.

Do not leave dishes or food out, because it attracts bugs and other pests.
If you are in a hurry - put dishes in the dishwasher, where bugs can't get to them.

If you want to make a food compost, that is fine, but take the food to the back hall right away
Please do not store the food inside the house because it attracts insects and other creatures.

Garbage day is on Wednesday by noon, so the cans must be at the street.


Do not leave the doors to the front and back door unlocked, unless during a party

No fire, flammable liquids or candle burning on the 2nd floor - only on the first floor,
in the fire place. Careful, supervised incense burning is ok, if other tenants don't mind.
Cooking only in kitchen.  No hot plates are needed.


Guests during the day on the 1st floor are fine, and of course parties and events.

If you are planning a party of event, please notify and invite the other tenants.

If someone is renting on the 1st floor, behind the wall with the TV,
please be considerate regarding noise or music especially after 10:00 on week days.

Overnight Guests

Be discrete.  Please ask unanimous consent from each the other tenants first before having over night guests.

Guests or hosts are charged the standard AirBNB fees for the rooms, as posted on
For example, room 2N is $23/day and 2W is  $18/day.  This fee helps pay for utilities used
such as water and electricity, and acts as an incentive for just the tenants to be in the house.

Tenants move into the house with an expectation of how many people would be living here.
It is not fair to suddenly find there are  more people staying at the house than expected.
Ladies should feel that they cannot walk freely on the 2nd floor without having to cover up
such as to the shower.

The 2nd floor should feel like a "no man's land" for the tenants.
Especially the Ladies' Only Bath on the 2nd floor.
There are 2 bath rooms in the basement that men can use.

The female tenant should make sure the hall is clear of any other ladies
before a male guest steps into the hall or stairs. 
Activities and conversation should be kept quiet as to not disturb sleeping tenants.

The common areas should not have anyone sleeping or "crash" on the living room couch,
except with unanimous tenant approval, such as for visiting family on Graduation Day
for 1 night.

Couples are highly encouraged to move and rent their own place in town.  Happily,
from over 100 tenants since 2006, there have been many marriages and children.

Bath and showers

Men should never go into the ladies bath room on the 2nd floor. 
Even when men think they are clean, many women can tell they were there.
Men are only allowed, for repair purposes, during the working day, and well announced.
Two (2) dedicated bath rooms for men is already available in the basement.
The 2nd nicer (ladies) room in the basement is ok for men to use.

Tenants can arrange times for each person to use the bathroom/shower, such as 7:00-7:15 am.
Please ask others in case some one needs it just for a minute before you.

No government or credit card collection mail to the house

Over the years, there have been many tenants. Unfortunately, a few have had tax and
credit card issues.  It is not fair to implicate the 806 North 4th Street address in them,
getting the owners and potentially residents into collection agency databases,
searching for debtors or possible relatives. Non-collector database mail is ok.

Mail from friends, relatives, M.U.M., Amazon, packages, magazines, etc. are ok.
But please do not use the address for recurring government or credit card mail.
When you depart, such important mail also imposes a burden on us to forward it.
Please use a M.U.M. or P.O. Box. for official mail, to keep the house address pure
with an excellent reputation..

Thank you for participating in the Invincible America assembly and for choosing Delta Nu Zeta.