Traditionally, Delta Nu Zeta has not charged for utilities.
It is a good selling point, and makes things simple - just one amount for rent.
I like to offer free utilities - as long as people are conservative with water, gas, and electric.
However, with 3 people, the utilities are higher than when we had 5 tenants.
So I am trying to figure out why, and figure out some alternatives.
If we can just be aware, and careful, that should be enough.
My computers use a lot of electricity, so I agree to pay that.
I like to have Christmas and Halloween lights.
It is also good for safety. So I don't mind paying for electricity.
However, if you see lights on unnecessarily, please turn them off.
Heating Gas
I don't have a thermostat for heat in the basement.
Only the 1st and 2nd floor benefit from the furnace which is run by gas.
The furnace heats water that goes through pipes to all the rooms.
A good policy should not encourage wasting of water.
One bath or shower per day should be enough.
The overnight guest "Sanjay fee" helps pay for the water the guest uses
- named in honor of the boy friend who stayed over a month in 2009. :)

A good policy should not create a situation where people are washing:
* Everything they have, upon moving in
* Everything one last wash before leaving
* Things that are not necessary (rugs)
* One or two things at a time
* Clothes for friends who do not live in the house (it happened)
* So much that others have to wait in line.
* So many times that the washing machine needs repair
One wash per week on the average should be enough for normal times.
This would be 1 load every 1 week or 2 loads every 2 weeks.
Is this enough?
Personally I do not have a working washer at the trailer,
so I do 2 loads (white and color) once per month.
But ladies seem to wash more often.
I would prefer that this situation is handled without having to charge for water.
It would take me time to do an additional complicated calculation for invoicing.
Let's try that people are self-regulating.
The person who puts the clothes in the wash is responsible for taking them out on time.
There is a noise that that washer makes as an "alarm"
The person doing the wash should look at the clock and come back at the ending time.
Everyone is busy. It is not fair to make someone wait for you to empty your wash.
If someone else wants to use the washing machine, do not blame them for moving them to the dryer.
The same goes for the dryer. It also has a timer that you can time.
If your phone has a timer, please use that to help remind you.
The policies are still in progress, and I welcome your opinions.
The current version (under construction) is at