Fairfield Iowa Tourist Attractions

Fairfield, Iowa

First Friday of the Month Art Walk

Cultural festivals and dances

Fairfield Arts & Convention Center


Vedic City

Largest group practicing TM
to radiate world peace

Golden Domes


Admin and Teaching Job Openings


Oprah & TM Show on cable

Oprah Winfrey flew in her private jet to do a  TV show featuring Fairfield Iowa, Maharishi School, and TM

The best private school in Iowa

Maharishi University
Admin and Teaching Job Openings

Jim Carrey (TMer) was the graduation speaker
in 2018.

TM History Museum
in the Library Buildings

Library Building

MIU is the first university to offer a degree in Sustainable Living and the building is energy self-sufficient
requiring no outside water or electricity

America's top Health Resort

Ayur Vedic Massage and anti-aging techniques

Organic food restaurant

La Porte City, Iowa

birthplace Fran Allison,
star of Kukla, Fran, and Ollie


Burr Tillstrom played 14 different characters

switching quickly between distinct personalities and voices.
Nature plays trillions simultaneously throughout the universe.
The self of one is the Self of all

Eldon, Iowa

American Gothic House
Painting by Grant Wood

You can have your photo taken with the house used for the painting.

"The Original River City"
Mason City, Iowa
Meredith Willson, author of
The Music Man, used his boyhood home as the setting for this 1957 Broadway musical.

Music Man Square

Green Acres, Iowa

TV show

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Riverside, Iowa


future birth place of Captain Kirk


See:  RoadsideAmerica.com


Enterprise replica.

Audoubon, Iowa

World's Largest Bull

Albert the Bull

Burlington, Iowa

Snake Alley - the World's Crookedest Street"

Snake Alley

Dyersville, Iowa

Field of Dreams
Baseball stadium
Movie starring Kevin Costner

Clear Lake: Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, Big Bopper crash site

Buddy Holly crash site.

Winterset, Iowa Birthplace of John Wayne

Woolstock, Iowa
Birthplace of George Brewer Reeves
January 5, 1914-1959

Murder misdiagnosed as a suicide


The Man from U.N.C.L.E.  

The Iowa Scuba Affair

Chow's Gymnastics School
West Des Moines, Iowa
Chow Liang
Coach of

Shawn Johnson
Olympic Gold Medal in Gymnastics

Shawn with her coaches Chow & Li at Olympic Trials '08

Gambling  in Iowa

Jumer's Casino and Hotel

Many celebrities practice TM and have visited Fairfield