Fire and Security
Monitoring Devices
Which automatically dial the Fire Department or Police

Circuit Breaker and ample Fire Extinguishers
and non-smoking and non-cooking owner
makes low risk

House owner has extensive security devices
including internet and phone paging alerts
and is an owner of

smoke detector dialer & keychain remote

System automatically dials the
Fire Department
in case of fire.

wpe32.jpg (8971 bytes)

Fire extinguishers in key areas of the home

Smoke detectors in key areas
of the house.

Owner is adept at installing security
and fire safety devices

Alarm systems can be set up to call the local police
and fire departments, even when you are gone.

Fire Extinguishers on each floor for emergencies

Security Camera view from 806 North 4th

Infrared Night Vision - man shoveling snow

Night Vision - taking out trash

Back porch sticker

protected by
24 Hour Monitored
Security System


Security Zones

Security Camera Setup

806 North 4th Street