Move Smokers from MIU
away from Maharishi School
until they naturally quit thanks to TM

Please sign the petition to Fairfield City Council
by Fairfield Iowa Carpenter Area Home Owners Association FICAHOA
Secure MIU's southwest border and southern entrance
against inauspicious influences for Maharishi School children

Status:  Presentation to Mayor and Fairfield Council on Monday June 12, 2023
Issue has been referred to the Public Safety Committee
MIU VP is working on a new location for smokers (as of June 21, 2023)

Status: 9 Aug 2023 - just one smoker

Status June 27, 2023:  Smokers finally left


Parents pay considerable tuition to MSAE for their children
to learn in a clean and high consciousness environment. - Maharishi School - School dormitory

Parents of prospective students are likely to drive up North 4th Street
and see the smokers on the corner across the street from campus.

Smokers are more likely to do drugs, attracting drug dealers and crime.

Many studies document the bad effects on health from smoking.
So with all the information available, why do people still do it?
A study in the Journal of Psychological medicine in the NIH Library of Medicine
found that smoking tobacco and cannabis correlates with lower IQ.
Fortunately, TM has been found to raise IQ.  Iowa has an average of 103.
Yet it takes above average IQ to seek higher IQ.

Request restriction of tobacco use, marijuana, or vaping within 350 feet of any school building.
- a football field including end zones

Videos: Smokers on the Move
TM helps to stop Smoking
MIU in 1983 when there were no smokers
Movie by Clint Eastwood stunt double

Grass strip on Carpenter Street between North 4th and Shaddock Streets

Smoking leads to Drugs and Drug Dealers near MSAE
3 smoking, beer drinking foreigners in a Tesla "friends of students"
are interested in buying the closest house to Maharishi School
which could be a convenient sanctuary house for selling drugs to students and children.

Sign with Scientific Research on TM helping to stop smoking
TM raises IQ - Smart brains don't hurt their lungs

Proposed new location for smoking

from Carpenter and 4th Street
to west of Verrill Hall near the National Guard


"Get off my lawn!"

Movie by Clint Eastwood stunt double