Petition to Move Smokers
from MIU out of Public View
Away from MSAE Children
until they naturally quit thanks to TM

To: Mayor Connie Boyer and Fairfield City Council
From:  Fairfield Iowa Carpenter Area Home Owners Association (FICAHOA)

Status:  Presentation to Mayor and Fairfield Council on Monday June 12, 2023
Issue has been referred to the Public Safety Committee
MIU VP is working on a new location for smokers (as of June 21, 2023) 

Status: 9 Aug 2023 - just one smoker

Status June 27, 2023:  Smokers finally left


Parents pay considerable tuition to MSAE for their children
to learn in a clean and high consciousness environment. - Maharishi School - School dormitory

Request restriction of tobacco use, marijuana, or vaping within 350 feet of any school building.
- a football field including end zones

Mayor and Council, please secure the south west border
of MIU against inauspicious smokers, from many countries
who come onto our citizens' land, the grass strip on
Carpenter Avenue between North 4th and Shaddock Street
across the street from Maharishi School.

The smokers lower the property values of the neighboring  houses.
The Bells are trying to sell their house on the corner, where they sit,
but at least one buyer has lowered his price offer.
Smokers are littering with cigarette butts, against City and Iowa Code

\This area is the closest to Maharishi School children
and MIU student ladies in Hildenbrand Hall.

Parents pay considerable tuition to MSAE for their children
to learn in a clean and high consciousness environment.

Parents of prospective students are likely to drive up North 4th Street
and see the smokers on the corner across the street from campus.

Smokers are more likely to do drugs, attracting drug dealers and crime.

Many studies document the bad effects on health from smoking.
So with all the information available, why do people still do it?
A study in the Journal of Psychological medicine in the NIH Library of Medicine
found that smoking tobacco and cannabis correlates with lower IQ.
Fortunately, TM has been found to raise IQ.  Iowa has an average of 103.
Yet it takes above average IQ to seek higher IQ.

It is disgraceful for smokers to be on the corner of North 4th
and Carpenter, as motorists pass by.  First impressions last.

Smokers are littering with cigarette butts, against City and Iowa Code

Movie by Clint Eastwood stunt double

Until recent years, students at MIU hardly ever smoked,
while regular in the practice of Transcendental Meditation,
especially in groups in the Golden Domes.

Many students value H1 Visa First before Highest First,
and don't care much about doing Transcendental Meditation
This is a consequence of selling out American citizenship.

Smokers give a terrible first impression to the #1 TM University.
They have been politely asked to move away from MSAE
and Hildenbrand Hall dormitory   We put up a sign reminding them
about the scientific research on TM helping to stop smoking.
TM raises IQ.  Smart brains don't hurt their lungs. 

We MIU neighbors sacrificed living in better weather and economic climates,
to help build what Maharishi wanted, a Sidha breeding ground for generations.
Putting smokers in our faces, feels like a puff of smoke in the face.

With morning and evening practice of TM, the smoking MIU students will
naturally transcend tobacco and enjoy Maharishi over Marlboro,
Support of Nature over Lucky Strike, Lotus & Meditation over L&M,
Bevan Morris over Philip Morris, Benson & Wallace over Benson & Hedges,
Silence over Salem, Global County of World Peace over Parliament,
Fairfield over Chesterfield, and cool consciousness over Kool.

The corner of Carpenter & 4th is Location, Location, Location,
on the beach front of the Ocean of Bliss and Pure Knowledge,
an ideal location for parents of children going to Maharishi School
such as Jenny Rothenberg who had perfect attendance
at MSAE classes across the street, and was Valedictorian.

Please designate an area near the National Guard building
on the west border of MIU, out of sight.
MIU will have to take responsibility for
the smokers the Admissions Department allows in.
Don't make them smoke just off MIU's property
because that is property belonging to non-smoking TMers,
and we do not want MIU's smokers near our land.

Jai Guru Dev

There is a precedent for a smoking area on campus - north of the Men's Dorms

Smoking leads to Drugs and Drug Dealers near MSAE
3 smoking, beer drinking foreigners in a Tesla "friends of students"
are interested in buying the closest house to Maharishi School
which could be a convenient sanctuary house for selling drugs to students and children.


MIU in 1983

Petition Signers

1 Rick Shaddock
MIU graduate
05/23/2023 Make MIU non-smoking again.  If students really do TM, they would soon stop smoking.  The corner of Carpenter & 4th in front of Maharishi School is THE worst place to put the smokers.  There are plenty of secluded areas on campus.
2 Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf
5/31/2023 Smokers should smoke away from public view and especially away from view of Maharishi School students. We are influenced by what we see, even if not consciously. The Maharishi School students deserve to have an environment free of avoidable negative role-modeling, i.e in this case, free of young people (or any people) smoking outside their windows. 
3 Jackson Jarvis
410 Carpenter Ave.
05/24/2023 Jackson Jarvis has to empty the trash can on the corner of 4th and Merrill each week.
4 Beth Alonso
Real Estate Broker
Maharishi School graduate
05/24/2023 I am the real estate agent for Marsha and Bert Bell at 808 N. 4th street (on the corner of Carpenter Avenue and 4th). It is right across the street from the current smoking spot. As I did yard work and prepped the house for sale I noticed the smokers multiple times. It makes it very unpleasant to open the windows in the house or sit in the yard. The students also often come across the street to sit on my clients' stone wall and smoke! There were multiple times I had to tell them to leave, that they were on private property. I even called MIU Security to see if there was anything that could be done to stop it. It seems to be less but it's still happening. It can be a big turn-off to potential buyers, thus affecting the desirability and sales price of the Bell's home. I strongly request creating a better, more private space for the smokers that is far away from homes, dorms or classrooms. Out of sight from the public and from Maharishi School. The areas that Rick suggested were also ones I thought of. Please take this matter seriously. Thank you!
5 Lisa Moseley
Real Estate Broker
Maharishi School mother of 3
06/01/2023 (Representing potential buyers of houses near the smokers)
6 Dr. Larry Farwell
Harvard graduate
06/03/2023 It makes sense to protect MIU's students and public image from the negative influence of smoking while providing smokers with a convenient place to smoke.
7 Ron Woods
406 Carpenter Avenue
06/08/2023 The smoke often blows up Carpenter Ave and into our yard and home which is especially annoying in the warmer months when we like to enjoy fresh air. Moving the smoking area would reduce this problem. Maybe MIU could also provide a free course or program to educate the student smokers as to the health benefits of not smoking and provide support for helping them quit?
8 Rosaline Woods
406 Carpenter Avenue

Maybe an enclosed cabin with filters to keep the air clean because we live on Carpenter ave and when we have open windows, the smoke comes inside our house. I have allergies and it is very disturbing in many levels...Please do something.

9 Auradora 5/27/2023 As an MIU grad I am saddened by anyone smoking on the campus.
10 PeacePromoter 5/27/2023 Request to address the need for relocating the current smoking area across the street due to several concerns related to the university's image, environmental impact, and the well-being of students, faculty, and passersby. The objective is to propose a more suitable and private location for smokers that provides better facilities and mitigates potential negative consequences.

Upholding the University's Image:
Having the current smoking area in close proximity to prominent campus locations, such as the ladies' dormitory, creates a poor image for the university. The odor and sight of smokers near highly frequented areas can leave a negative impression on both students and faculty, as well as visitors. Relocating the smoking area would enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the campus and project a cleaner and more professional image.

Environmental Impact:
The current location lacks proper facilities for disposing of cigarette butts and other smoking-related waste. Consequently, discarded cigarette litter accumulates near the smoking area, contributing to an unsightly and unclean environment. This situation undermines efforts to maintain a sustainable campus and can negatively impact the surrounding ecosystem. Relocating the smoking area to a designated space with appropriate facilities will help mitigate this issue and promote environmental responsibility.

Health and Well-being:
Secondhand smoke poses a health risk to individuals who pass by the current smoking area. Non-smokers, including students, faculty, and high school visitors, may involuntarily inhale the harmful substances present in cigarette smoke. By moving the smoking area to a more private location, the risk of exposure to secondhand smoke will be significantly reduced, promoting a healthier environment for all.

Respect for Personal Boundaries:
Relocating the smoking area acknowledges the importance of personal boundaries and diverse preferences. By providing a separate, designated space for smokers, the university demonstrates its commitment to accommodating the needs of all individuals on campus. This promotes a sense of inclusivity and fosters a harmonious coexistence among students, faculty, and staff.

Relocating the current smoking area across the street is a sensible decision that addresses concerns related to the university's image, environmental impact, and the well-being of individuals on campus. By providing smokers with a more private and well-equipped location, the university can enhance its overall environment, promote a positive image, and prioritize the health and comfort of its students, faculty, and visitors.
11 Blaine Kruse 06/10/2023 If they want to smoke and linger on my property I will make sure it's a bad experience for them!
12 Mrs. Kruse 06/10/2023  
13 Harvey Hensley
404 Carpenter Ave.
14 Carol Tavares Hensley
404 Carpenter Ave.
15 DeArmond Brooks
404 Carpenter Ave.
16 Cattrione Faircrest
408 Carpenter Ave.
17 Brian Horsfield
600 Carpenter Ave.
18 Oksana Shaddock
806 N 4th
06/02/2023 It is very bad to let students smoke in front of children.


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