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July 21, 2006



Dear Frederick Shaddock:                                          Reference Number: 0006 525 792 004        

                                                                                Policy Number: 98 0276 288    (98 0000 958)  Cancelled due to underwriting reasons  $573  area code changed from 515 to 641

9082762886331 cover $209000 $573 is the premium

Pay 7/26/2008 - 7/26/2009  
Chase called Travellers

Rick had GEICO policy for over 10 years for auto: 1712812807

Sent response, Primary residence, 10/13  mailed info may rent bedrooms
Not direct 800-841-3005
Yearly 567


AARP Hartford quote is ridiculous $2000+

Must tell all on form, but no obligation to return it


Louth Gamdoy
194 auto
989 %500 ded 240000

month auto pay $16

20100901 Tried to reinstate Travellers, they will call in 48 hours



315 for 6 2 vehicles  toyota


$883/year  Michael Brook   877-506-9466 x4255



Thank you for your recent inquiry for Homeowners insurance through GEICO’s Property Agency. As we discussed, some basic information is required for you to obtain a quote.


If you already own a home, it will be helpful if you have a copy of your current homeowners policy with you when you call.  Your homeowners policy will provide the amount of coverage for your dwelling (Coverage A) as well as information on other coverages you may have.


If you are purchasing a home, we will need to know the purchase price.


In addition, we will need the following information about your property:


  1. Age of Home - built in 1930
  2. Type of Construction – Brick (basement), Frame (wood), Vinyl Siding, etc.
  3. If your home is over 15 years old, we will need to know the age and condition of your home’s systems:
    1. Heating:  Age and Type (Gas, Electric, Oil, etc.).  Electric
    2. Electrical:  Circuit Breakers or Fuse Boxes.   Circuit Breakers
    3. Plumbing Condition and Type (Copper, PVC, etc.)    copper
    4. Roof Age and Type (Asphalt shingles, Metal, Wood Shake, etc.)  
      According to Richard Reed, House Inspectorsince 2001
      "Asphalt Composition Shingle (3 tab)"
  1. Approximately how far away is the fire department (in miles)?  Within 1 mile (see map)
  2. Approximately how far away is the fire hydrant (in feet)?  50 feet (near corner)
  3. What is the name of your responding fire department (typically the county or city your home is located in)?  Fairfield Fire Department  at 104 N. 2nd, Fairfield, Iowa

    It is .6 miles (about 1 minute) from the house.
  4. What type of security features does your home have (smoke detectors, fire extinguisher, deadbolt locks, etc.)?
    Shaddock has Alarm Activation Certificate from - an authorized X10 dealer and security camera installation company.   The house has ample Fire Extinguishers and high tech Security Monitoring Device which automatically dial the Fire Department or Police in an emergency.
    He also is an Eagle Scout with Fire Safety Merit Badge, so he is safety conscious.
  5. Approximate Square Footage of the Home   928 square feet on the first floor , approx. finished sq. foot 1850


Swimming pool? no
Trampoline? no
Earth quake?
water sew
rent ineligible
home owner

$2000 deductable
wind & hail 2%
$867 per year Fidelity
Alarm cert $725
Iowa agent

The above list is not all inclusive.  We may need additional information in order to provide you with the best possible rate.  Before we can issue a policy, we will need to complete an estimator on the home to ensure that you have adequate coverage.  To complete the estimator, we will need the square footage of your home.


Once you have the above information, please call us at 1-800-841-3005 or go to for your quote.




Sara Flickinger


P.S.  Great News!  You can now get a quote online in the following states: 

AZ, CO, CT, DC, GA, IA, IL, MD, ME, NV, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA and WA


Click here




Sara M. Flickinger
Property Sales Agent
Dual Box 2:45-11 pm M-F

Home Owners Hazard Insurance Information

Rebuild Value: $189,400
Personal property: $132,580  (does not cost extra)
Liability: $300,000
Medical payments: $2000
Jewelry and watch: $1000
Usual yearly premium: $603/year - to be paid at closing for the first year

AARP: American Association Retired Persons discount: down to $567
  Frederick's is over 50 and his Membership Number is 3140464854
Alarm Installation Certificate Discount:  or certificate of alarm 
866-221-5246 to attention Kathy Mooring



Kavin McCoy
Mortgage Banker
800.226.6308 EXT. 12499
cell phone 313-244-3837

Nadine Oliver
The Mortgage Company
P.O. Box 92, Fairfield Iowa 52556
Phone: 641-469-5664
Fax: 641-209-6647
Cell: 641-919-3206

Ann Clifford

Real Estate Closing Attorney
Brandon Nelson
Attorney At Law
Barlow Building
60 West Burlington Avenue
Fairfield, Iowa 52556

866 221 5246
Dana Gutridge

$603 for 2500 deduct

   smoke detector
Circuit Breaker and ample Fire Extinguishers
and non-smoking and non-cooking owner
makes low risk of fire.

The house owner has extensive security devices
which can automatically dial the Fire Dept. or Police
and is an owner of

$686 for 1K deduc
$776 for $500 dedct
 $523 alarm cert w/o aarp