Home of Maharishi University student Rojina - Miss Nepal finalist 2017

Introduction to the House by Rojina - Youtube.com/watch?v=kDahh-67J8A 


Arpita V a t s
Mrs. South Asia 2020


Landlord, tenants and friends enjoy a raw organic foods dinner




Home of Miss Teen Glendale California - Mandie (2012)

806 North 4th, across from MUM

kitchen, modern appliances

North West

South East

Phones in all rooms -
Center East

North East

House has eastern facing slope

Modern clean
bath upstairs
second bath available downstairs

Dining room

Sunny patio deck

Backyard umbrella table (video)

Ultra Fast Fiber Optic

Living Room with fire place

Pure water from 2 separate sources
 reverse osmosis machine and bottled water

42" HD TV for
Movie Nights

Shopping van and
Golden Dome Express

Washer, Dryer
, and Dish Washer
all available for free

We have a modern, working dryer
or you can hang clothes in the fresh air

Going to the Fairfield Art Walk

One block to University Dining Hall

Movies by the fire place

Birthday dinner

Ceiling fan in kitchen

A tour of the kitchen (video)

Free parking for 3 vehicles

Sunday brunch with friends

Lawn taken care of for you

24 hour security monitoring
outside only

Culligan Purified Water

Modern stove for cooking

Free washer and dryer

Happy house mates

Free computer with internet

Convenient cooking table

Lawn chairs

Cherie Sampson Art

Bulletin Board

Memory Foam Mattresses
Dissipates heat, maximum comfort

NASA technology comfort
keeps spine straight during sleep

High security digital keypad lock
so you don't have to carry keys around

for making and
receiving calls on your laptop

Brondell Swash 800 heated, high tech Bidet
Wash with warm water.  Paperless.  Air dry.
Saves papers, trees, and the environment.

Magic Bullet


Health oriented Melaleuca cleaning products

Swimming Pool

Housemates dedicated to evolution

Parties on the patio


Birthday celebrations


A few blocks to Everybody's Foods

Bicycles available



Bus can pick you up from Shaddock Street   800-227-6390

Oksana artist paintings