Certificate in Vedic Domestic Science
& Sthapatya Vedic House Management
from the Fairfield Iowa School of Home Economics - FISHE.org

Residence Course Requirements

1 Cooking 
Cook a main meal for yourself or friend
2 Appliances  How to use a gas stove
to turn it on and light it if the flame does not start
3 Health  Explain the importance of China Virus avoidance, social distancing
4 Budget and paying bills  Making a budget and paying bills
5 Dish washer sterilization  Dish washer sterilization
Explain how to use the buttons
6 Energy Conservation, lights, water Turn off lights when not in use
How prevent water waste
7 Drain  Avoiding clogged drains
Explain how to clear the strainer

8 Clothes Washer  Washer
Do a load of wash.  Why not mix white and non-white clothes

9 Dryer
Cleaning the filter
Dry a load of clothes
Extra credit: dry on the clothes line outside
10 Food Science & Nutrition  Prepare an organic food meal
11 Refrigeration adjustment  How to turn the temperature colder or warmer
How to tell good from rotten food
12 Cuisinart Food Processor How to use a Cuisinart Food Processor
or Blender
13 Bake pie or food  How to bake a pie, or other food
14 Organic shopping  How to tell organic food from GMO
What does the number 9 mean before the 5 digit code
15 Shopping comparison, coupons  Comparison shop
Prices of Everybody's, HyVee, and WalMart
Use a  coupon to buy some things
16 Shopping online  Order home delivery or pickup from Everybody's with Door Dash
or a service such as HyVee's or India Cafe
17 Hair dryer  Dry your hair with a hair dryer  
18 Hair brushing  Proper hair brushing technique  
19 Tooth Brushing  Proper tooth brushing technique
Brush down on the uppers and up on the lower teeth.
20 Guest Entertainment  Show how to use BlueRay, NetFlix, Satellite Dish, DVD player, Radio and other entertainment equipment  
21 Hygene bidet control Know how to use remote control on the bidet
to adjust the temperature of the water and seat
22 Avayanga and skin moisturizing  Avayanga and skin moisturizing  
23 Vacuum cleaner Know how to use a the vacuum cleaner,
empty the dust compartment
change attachments,
and recharge it.
24 Broom and dust pan  How to use a broom, and empty the dust pan
25 Swiffer 
How to use it
26 Make bed  Wash sheets and pillow cases
then square away the bed
Make a bed
27 Kitchen dish and utensil organization  Know where to put various items, silverware, dishes, pots, pans
28 Sewing  Sew a button or tear in clothes
29 Ironing  Know how to use the iron and ironing board
30 Serve meal to guests  Cook and serve a meal for at least 2 guests
31 Fork Knife Spoon placement  How to properly set the table, fork, knife, spoon placement  
32 Removing hair Removing hair from sink or tub drain with hair extraction tool
33 Basic plumbing  Fixing leaking water from shower
34 Emergency  Know how to call a plumber, fire department, police and other important help
35 Gardening  Grow an edible vegetable or fruit
Cook your grown feed and eat it
36 Lawn Care Mow the lawn
Know how to use the lawn mower
or persuade a guy to do it.
37 Home Repairs
Know how to fix things around the house
or get a guy to do it
38 Security  Know how to use
Advanced: How to program a digital lock
Change the combination for a temporary guest
39 Safety Know how to start a fire in the fire place
How to open and close the chimney flue
so smoke does not go into the living room
Bonus Point: cook something in the fireplace
40 Pure water Demonstrate how to replace water bottle from Everybody's.
without spilling a lot of water.  It may be a bit heavy.
Bonus Point: Know how to change the filter on a Reverse Osmosis System
41 Thermostat Know how to adjust the thermostat
for the heater and the air conditioner
for higher or lower temperatures
and program the thermostat for automatic timing
42 Air Vent  Know how to change the air conditioner filter
43 Circuit Breaker Know how to switch electricity back on if it overloads a circuit
Know how to red the electricity meter outside.
Why we Opt Out on EMV radiating "smart" meters
44 Air Conditioning  Know how to adjust the air conditioning vent in the ceiling, open or close
45 Furnace Know how to check if it is working ok
Advanced: how to reset it
Know the web site of who to call if it is not working.
46 Water boiler  Know how to make the water hotter or colder
47 Sump pump  Know where it is and how to check if it is working
to avoid flooding in the basement during rain.
48 Cleanliness Know the schedule when the garbage is picked up on the street
Every ___ day.
How and why to separate recycling materials.
49 Safety  Know where band aids are for an emergency
50 Fire safety  Know how to use a fire extinguisher, stored near the stove
51 Driving  Bonus: Have a driver's license for shopping trips using the Guest Car

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52% (26) of the 50 items complete qualifies for your Certificate of Achievement