School of Home Improvement & Maintenance

Certificate for Bachelor degree in Home Improvement & Maintenance
in the light of Sthapatya-vedic Homes and Domestic Vedic Science
promoting gender roles as House Holders for maximum population growth
filling the gap to fulfill MIU's promise of Total Knowledge

FISHIM for Men and FISHE for Ladies

FISHIM is more than just a place to rent, but an education.
Knowledge is for Action, Achievement, and Fulfillment.
Prepare for your future house co-ownership
Learn to manage future house so your wife can focus on your children
in the traditional roles for optimal population reproduction.

Good HouseHolder seal of approval

Requirements and Residence Course Check List
In light of the principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence
At Home With All Knowledge
Do Less and Accomplish More
Order is Present Everywhere
Inner is the Basis of the Outer

Fairfield Iowa School of Home Improvement
1 Shaddock Street campus

Recent Graduates - Certified House Managers  - H.I.M. Alumnae

Rick Shaddock, Gerard Pereira, Jon Jorge, Tim Murphy, Jonathan Bazan

Instructional Videos

How to buy a house

Mow lawn

Trim hedges and branches

House owner has extensive security devices
including internet and phone paging alerts
and is an owner of

Fix roof tiles

Roof Shingle Lifter

Circuit Breaker and ample Fire Extinguishers
and non-smoking and non-cooking owner
makes low risk

Fire extinguisher check and test

Change spark plugs in car
Bonus: oil change

re-Carpet stairs

Bike pump and fix

Gas guage

Unclog drain

Program digital locks

Thermostat adjustment

Air conditioning filter change

Electricity - fuse box

Fire making and cooking

Air conditioning vent adjustment

Furnace diagnosis

Water heater adjustment

Sump pump cleaning

Garbage bins to the street

First Aid

Electric lights and plugs

Fiberglass insulation work

Dryer noise fix

Electrical work

Car charging

Car wash inside and out

Ceiling light baffles



Boiler / Furnace maintenance


Merit Badges - At Home With All Knowledge - Steps of Progress - Enlivening Total Knowledge

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Electricity Conservation


Home Safety

Home Repairs

Cooking Outdoors

Home Temperature

Home Security



Event and Party Planning

Energy Conservation's goal is to offer Home Improvement and Management degrees at all colleges as push back against society pushing young men to get expensive student loans in topics that will not bring big salaries. 

Course Materials

Electric Saw

Electric Drill

Electric Sander

Branch cutting saw


hedge trimmer

screw driver

socket wrench set

lawn mower