School of Home Economics

Certificate for Bachelorette degree in the Science of Home Economics - S.H.E.
in the light of Sthapatya-vedic Homes and Domestic Vedic Science
promoting gender roles as Divine Mothers for maximum population growth
filling the gap to fulfill MIU's promise of Total Knowledge

FISHIM for Men and FISHE for Ladies

For guys with a Y chromosome: -
Fairfield Iowa School of Home Improvement and Management

FISHE is more than just a place to rent, but an education.
Knowledge is for Action, Achievement, and Fulfillment.
Prepare for your future house co-ownership
with a Good HouseKeeping seal of approval.
Learn to manage your future house so your husband can focus on work
in the traditional roles for optimal population reproduction.

Requirements and Residence Course Check List
In light of the principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence
At Home With All Knowledge
Do Less and Accomplish More
Order is Present Everywhere
Inner is the Basis of the Outer

Fairfield Iowa School of Home Economics
1 Shaddock Street campus

Recent Graduates - Certified House Managers  - S.H.E. Alumnae


Instructional Videos

1 Tour - Deborah
Introduction to
1 Shaddock Street
2 Tour - Rozyna



Rojina Shrestha, Miss Nepal finalist for 2017 introduces the Delta Nu Zeta house, across the street from (yet not affiliated with) Maharishi University where students practice Transcendental Meditation.
3 How to Use Various Features

Orientation to various features of the house. 00:18 Garage and Opener
03:10 Combination Door Lock
03:33 Stove and Oven Timer
04:55 Dish washer
07:50 Washer and Dryer
08:50 Mail at the house
09:16 Clean and Recycle
09:33 Turbo Vacuum Cleaner
12:32 Circuit Breaker
13:10 TV and Entertainment System
14:33 Lawn chairs
Presented by Elena Hirshman

4 How to load the Dish washer properly

Merit Badges - At Home With All Knowledge - Steps of Progress - Enlivening Total Knowledge


Electricity Conservation


Home Safety

Home Repairs

Cooking Outdoors

Home Temperature

Home Security



Event and Party Planning

Energy Conservation's goal is to offer Home Economics degrees at all colleges as push back against society pushing young women they need to get Bachelors, Masters and Doctors degrees, instead of marrying a bachelor as her master and doctor for a MAMA degree, then competing with men for jobs to pay off student loans, resulting in low birth rate of high IQ, Global Dumbing, and loss of traditional family roles, destabilizing America

Course Materials

Cuisinart DLC-XPN
CuisinartTM DLC-XPN food processor

Vitamix 5200
TM 5200 blender

Orgreenic cookware
OrgreenicTM natural ceramic non-stick non-toxic cookware

Orgreenic cookware
The complete
OrgreenicTM Cookware Set

Magic Bullet blender
Magic Bullet
TM Blender

Magic Bullet blender
Magic BulletTM - good for making fruit drinks