House Help Instructions
806 North 4th Street
How various things to work at the house
for a Certificate from the School of Home Economics

Password: (what we think twice a day)

# Topic Instructions Graphic
0 General Instructions and Orientation General orientation to the house, showing the features available, including lock, fan, phone, kitchen, dining room, and back yard.

Video Tour of the House by Deborah

1 Front and Back Door Electronic Key Locks

For more information. 
Schlage Flex Electronic Model 595
"Real Security Sets You Free."

Product FE595 Keypad Entry with Flex-Lock (PDF)

Installation Guide

More on House Security
and camera locations

How to change the battery -
about annually or if flashing red

When the inside latch is in the horizontal position a code key is required for entry.  When it is in the vertical position the door is unlocked, which can be useful for parties. Horizontal is for locked, requiring a passcode.
If it is dark when you are coming home, press the top button which makes the numbers light up.
The top button will flash red if the code is wrong.  It will flash green if it is correct, and let you in.
There are 10000 possibilities, and an automatic timeout after 3 incorrect entries.  It takes 10 seconds per trial, including a 5 second reset time. 
After 5 seconds the door automatically relocks.  So you can just enter without anything else to do.
With an electronic lock, you can feel free to go out and to the Dome without having to carry metal keys.

2 How to time cooking in the oven 1. Put food in the oven
2. Set timer for start time
3. Set timer for duration
4. Set the temperature, such as 350o  
5. Have a nice Program
6. Come back later and take food out.

3 Use the computer in the living room 1. Press any key or move the mouse to "wake up" the screen which powers down after 1 hour of non use.
2. Username: Sidha
    Password: dome
3. When done, log out

4 Wireless connection to the internet from your laptop

1. The house has a wireless access point transmitter in the basement
2. Select Connect to a Wireless Network
3. Select cicorp
4. No password is necessary at this time
    or ABCDE12345
5. Instructions are at  Linksys WRT54GS or  for the WGR614

5 Wireless Internet Booster
1. Plug it in, in the living room
2. Turn it on, on the 2nd floor shelf
    It has a timer, such as 6:00 am to 11:00 pm
    You can over-ride the switch
3. Connect to NETGEAR
4. No password required (at this time)
Interestingly, it uses the house electrical wiring to transfer the signal from the 1st floor unit to the 2nd floor unit.

6 DVD Player on the big screen TV

Users Manual for Magnavox

1. Put the DVD in right side of player
2. Press Source button for DVD
3. Turn big screen on with black Vizio Remote
4. Press AV button so big screen shows AV1
5. Adjust volume
6. Enjoy the movie!

7 How to turn off the Parental Lock

Code: 4737

Sony Vizio TV manual

1. Stop if you are playing a disk
2. Select Playback, OK
3. Select Parental Lock, OK
4. Set lock to All  (any DVD can be viewed)
5. Password to clear all settings is 4,7,3,7

8 VHS on the big screen TV 1. Put the DVD in right side of player
2. Press Source button for VHS
3. Turn big screen on with black Vizio Remote
4. Press AV button so big screen shows AV1
5. Adjust volume.
6. Enjoy the movie!

9 Computer on the big screen TV
for YouTube, party media, etc.
1. Plug laptop blue screen cable in to your laptop video port
2. Plug black sound plug in to your outgoing speaker plug
3. Press RGB button on the black remote control
4. Press Fnc button with CRT/LCD button on your laptop
5. Adjust volume on laptop
6. Enjoy!

10 Check your voice mail by phone


To check your voice mail
From any phone
1. Dial 472-3950
2. Press *98
3. Mailbox? 10#
4. Password? 10#
    (You can change it)
5. Press 1 to hear

12 Customizing your Voice Mailbox Greeting

More instructions

Recording Your Mailbox Greetings, then press #, 1
Unavailable message: "I'm out.  Please leave a message"
2 Busy message: "I'm busy.  Please leave a message"
3 Name: "_____"   (Your name, for example: "Marie")
4 Introductory greeting: "This is ____.  Thanks for calling."
5 Change password: ___  then # (Example: 111#)
   Confirm your password: ___ then #

13 How to receive a fax

The Delta Nu Zeta Fax line is


Log in to check it at

User Ext. 11
Password: (ask rick)

14 Shower adjustment
Upstairs and especially downstairs
1. Turn on warm water first, all the way
    Left side, counter clock-wise
2. Wait until it gets warm, a minute or so
3. Turn on cold water, counter-clockwise, slowly
4. Adjust to a medium temperature
5. Get in the shower

15 Computer in Living Room 1. Press the circular button to turn the monitor on
2. The central processing unit (CPU) is in the basement computer room, and is generally always on, sometimes processing data conversions.  Please leave it on.
3. Move the mouse or keyboard if the monitor has timed out (to save electricity)
4. Login with user name: Sidha
5. Password is "mantra"

16 Change Water Filter

The filter can only process so much water at a time, about 1 gallon per hour. When the holding tank is empty, then it starts to filter more water. You can see the light blue tank in the photo.

After emptying the holding tank into a jug for the dispenser, the water filter starts to prepare more purified water.

1. Call David the Culligan man,
every 1/2 year or so

Please do not waste purified water if you are just washing dishes, since the water will dry off anyway, or if you will not drink the water, while boiling eggs or potatoes.

More info and photos

17 Play a CD of music on the quadraphonic stereo 1. The music player can hold 5 CDs
2. Open the lid
3. Put the CD in the black CD player
4. Press the button 1 - 5 for the cd
5. Adjust the volume
6. Enjoy the music (not after 10:00 please :)

18 Washer 1. Put clothes in
2. Select the height of the pile: low, medium, high
3. Select Regular, unless it is Delicate
4. Select number of minutes, such as 30
5. Come back later to put them in the Dryer

19 Dryer
1. Put clothes in
2. Choose a time, such as 30 minutes
3. Select Delicate (Regular button does not work)
4. Press start
5. Come back later to take them out
6. Empty the lint filter for the next person 

20 Shopping Van 1. Get key from Rick
2. Van has automatic transmission
3. Watch out for automatic door lock
4. If you get locked out, key is hidden (call Rick)
5. Drive carefully of course

21 Adjust the Thermostat - Winter
1. Please do not adjust them, as they have been set by a professional to 68 degrees
2. Call Rick if there are any concerns.
3. If it need fixing, we can call Brian

22 Adjusting the Air Conditioner
Honeywell Pro 6000 for ceiling
1. The top thermostat is for cooling
2. The bottom thermostat is for heat

The ceiling fan filter should be replaced each  year.

For help, call Brian McDonald 641-919-2000  Ambient Control Systems

23 Mow the Lawn
Rick's job, or a contractor
In emergencies, lawn mower is in the garage

Starting the mower

24 Open the Garage 1. There is a secret code to open the garage from the outside: ____  (ask Rick)
2. You can also press the remote control to open it
3. To close it you must continually hold the button
    (This is to guard against closing it on someone)

4. For extended absence (for months0, the power might be turned off to the garage, this prevents the door from opening accidentally, or from a thief trying all combinations with a remote control.  It also saves electricity.

25 Light the Fireplace 1. Open the fireplace glass door
2. Reach up to the left to let the chain go up
    This open the flue so the smoke can go out
3. Light the fire
4. When done, pull the chain down and lock it in to place
5. This saves heat from escaping, wasting energy.

26 Parking There is space for 3 cars, if you park with the nose facing due east.  (not like the photo)

27 Replace water cooler

You can refill it with the hose under the sink.
You don't have to go to the store.  We have a reverse osmosis system in the basement.

1. Remove empty jug, and the cap from filled jug from store
2. Quickly and decisively turn the jug over and in to the holder
3. Wipe up any water drops

28 Clean any sink clogs 1. Ask Rick, who has a pipe cleaner

29 Make a videophone call 1. Be sure your recipient has an 8x8 compatible device
2. Dial as a normal phone call
3. When recipient answers, press the video button
4. Adjust the screen size as desired
5. Talk normally

wpeD.jpg (4536 bytes)

30 Dishwasher 1. Open the door with latch
2. Place dishes inside
3. Fill the dish washing detergent container, and cover the lid
4. Select Smart Wash

31 Keeping house clean 1. Trash day is every Wednesday, by around noon
2. We have to put it out on 4th Street.
   (They will not pick it up from the back of the house)
3. Recyclables go in the green bin

32 Where to leave the trash cans
You can put cans to the left of garage. 

Rick cuts the grass in that area, in return.

33 If you find any pests in the house Call Rick or House Manager who will call|
American Pest Control
Fairfield Pest Control, Steve McDowell, 641-472-6846

34 Reset the Circuit Breaker

if the electricity to your room has gone off

1. Unplug items such as heaters which may have tripped the circuit breaker off
2. Go to the basement near Rick's kitchen
3. Open the white cabinet with breaker switches
4. Feel for the one(s) that are loose
5. Flip the circuit breaker back on
6. In your room, carefully plug items back in

35 Dyson V8 Vacuum

Powerful yet easy to carry 
Lifting 100 pounds!

1. To empty dust canister
2. Hold vacuum firmly over trash can, keeping the underside of the canister clear of any obstruction.
3. Pull firmly upward on the red handle with the trash can icon. The entire assembly will come upward, and the door underneath the bin will drop open to release the dust.
4. Push assembly firmly down until it clicks.
5. Close door under bin firmly - you will hear a click.
6. Put vacuum on charger after use

36 Air Conditioning in the ceiling

Turn the handle on the vents
in the ceiling of the second floor rooms.

1. In the ceiling, locate the circular vent

2. Turn the knob clockwise to close

3. Counter-clockwise to open for more air.

37 Adjusting the Air Conditioner
for the Dining Room
1. Use the bottom knob only
2. Turn to 7 or 8 to start
3. Turn back to 1 (counter clockwise) to stop

Please make sure windows are closed when the air conditioning is on, to conserve electrical costs.

If it does not come on,
see Resetting the Circuit Breaker

38 More paper towels for kitchen
or more bath room paper.
Go to the basement
and look in the storage area underneath the stairs.

The house manager will buy more when necessary.

39 How does massage oil and abhyangha affect the house plumbing?

Incoming water comes from outside the house then is distributed to the 3 floors (basement, first, second), going in one direction. Hot water is heated by the furnace and boiler in the basement.

Furnace and water heater / boiler
energy efficient from Ambient Systems

Separate pipes are used to heat the house with hot water.  These are found inside the baseboard heating units near the floor.  Once a year, air in the pipes needs to be released.

Outgoing water goes by the drains from the floors take waste downwards and away from the house to the sewer under the street. If the outwards pipes are blocked, then the material backs up, but only the basement is affected.

Please do not put oil down the drains.
We only need as much as will stay in our skin.

In cold weather, below the freezing point (0 degrees Centigrade), the water can turn to ice on its way out.  As you know, it can get well below zero degrees C in Fairfield Iowa.

Vegetable and massage oils condense as the temperature goes down, and block the pipes sooner than water does.

As a science experiment, you can put some coconut oil in the refrigerator, for example.

water: 0 degrees Centigrade (same as 32 degrees Fahrenheit)
corn oil - 20 deg. C
sunflower oil - 17 deg. C
olive oil - 6 deg. C
sesame oil - 6 deg. C
peanut oil 3 deg. C
palm oil 24.1 deg. C
coconut oil 25.1 deg. C

Automobile oil solidifies much lower than vegetable oils, so cars can run in winter.
Ethanol freezes at -114 deg. C


See also: utilities policy
clearing the plumbing

How to Bleed Air from Baseboard Heaters

Here is a video to show how to let the air out of the heating pipes

Baseboard Heating 101

1. Turn off system
2. Note positions of valves
3. Bypass boiler
4. Attach hose to drain (back yard has hose)
5. Open one zone at a time
6. Drain until air bubbles gone
7. Disconnect hose
8. Check valve positions
9. Re-start boiler

Let pipes leak a little
to keep them from freezing

Sesame seed oil becomes solid
freezing at 6 degrees Centigrade

Coconut oil getting colder
from liquid to solid


40 Rebooting the furnace
The normal color is light blue
If the heat goes off, then you can check the furnace to see if it is red, instead of blue.  Select Reset to reboot or call
Brian McDonald
641-919-2000 or Laslow at
41 Cuisinart
Restaurant quality
food processor

Be careful of the blade.


How to Clean a Food Processor

If the lid is stuck, please contact Rick.
Viewing from the top, the lid turns clock-wise off
and counter-clockwise to attach and snap in.


42 Mulberries

You are welcome to pick the berries.

Otherwise they fall to the ground.


How to pick berries on high branches using the white berry picking pole.

Clean up

43 Brondell Bidet Swash 800

Owners Manual PDF

Replace batteries yearly

Remote Control
Water temperature
Seat temperature
Water squirt front
Water squirt rear
1  Wash 2  Dry 3  Stop

1. Remove back plate
2. Unscrew battery cover
3. Replace AAA batteries
4. Press STOP 5 seconds
5. Press - for hour, + for minutes
6. Press STOP to finish clock set

44 Programmable front door lights

On at dusk (sun down)
Off at 23:00 (11 pm)

Details about the switch
You don't have to lift a finger, unless you want to over-ride the current on/off status, for example to keep lights on later for party guests.
45 Back door bell

May need battery replaced
A spare is in the cabinet above the dryer

23A Alkaline 12V 38 Mah high voltage battery
46 Make sure to only put soft paper which will disintegrate down the drain.

Paper towels and napkins clog up the drain and come back up in the basement.

The plumber charges $95 per hour.

47 Ceiling Fan
If the chain breaks we can put in a new one.

48 Moving out instructions Basically:
Give 30 days notice
"Leave it as you found it"
We need 30 days notice in advance, to find a good replacement tenant.
This is the main reason for the Security Deposit.
Wash and dry the sheets and make the bed.
More details...
49 Cleaning kitchen sink drain

Don't leave food in drain which attracts bugs

Periodically empty the container out in the hall

50 Delta Nu Zeta t-shirts
Stone Avenue
Fairfield, Iowa  52556
Rick has an account with them.
Every tenant is offered a free shirt

51 Fire Extinguisher
and emergency phone


Help Videos

Video Description
Thumbnail Delta Nu Zeta House Tour
Thumbnail How to Use Various Features at Delta Nu Zeta
Orientation to various features of the house.
00:18 Garage and Opener
03:10 Combination Door Lock
03:33 Stove and Oven Timer
04:55 Dish washer
07:50 Washer and Dryer
08:50 Mail at the house
09:16 Clean and Recycle
09:33 Turbo Vacuum Cleaner
12:32 Circuit Breaker
13:10 TV and Entertainment System
14:33 Lawn chairs
How to Use the Entertainment System
TV, Stereo, VCR, Blue Ray, Satellite Dish and remote controls
Aluminum Foil for a Clean Stove
Preventing bugs
How to Find Delta Nu Zeta
How to make a video with the House Camera
to upload to a Blog, YouTube, or email to your friends.

Using the Jazz HDV camera
High Definition Video

1. Open the flap door, which has a view screen
2. Press the top button
    to Start or Stop recording
3. You can press     to Review
4. Close the door when finished, to save the battery
5. Connect the Upload Camera cable at the computers
6. Open the folder to the F: drive
7. Move the files to the C: drive
8. Upload to your Blog, YouTube, or email to friends..
9. Inspire others to learn TM and be on the Course.
Front Light cleaning

After months, bugs get stuck in there.

1. Open the top
2. Unscrew the bulb
3. Vacuum the bugs out

Help is available:
House Manager
Bert Bell (next door)
Rick's mobile phone  202-829-4444

Plumber: Bob Pagenkopf  641-209-2276

Last update: 06/25/2022

11 Check your voice mail by email From your email
Double click on email coming from:
NaTel Voicemail System
with a subject such as;
New Voicemail #34 from 6414727000
Click on the attachment with a name such as
msg0034.WAV (53.4 KB)
Listen with your computer's Media Player